Colour coding is inseparable from the food processing environment. Visual recognition is the most effective way of preventing cross-contamination, a key concern for all food processors. Compromising on food safety is not an option, which is why Foodcare has such a wide range of cleaning equipment available. Production areas are often customised to suit the operation at hand and require specific tools to ensure cleanliness is maintained. Our range is not only extensive in product variety but also comes in up to 11 colours. Explore our extensive range to find the right product for your needs.




If you have ever had the experience of trying to connect the wrong threaded handle to a brush or squeegee head, you will know how different they are.

Or maybe you haven’t, so what is the difference?
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Let’s face it, cleanliness is a priority in the food processing industry. While some foods are classified as high risks, such as meat and dairy products; hygiene is essential in all food production areas. The best way to achieve a high standard of cleanliness...

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Keeping the floor clean is a challenge many companies face. No matter how proactive and the number of measures implemented, the floors still need to be cleaned frequently.

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