AFX Pad-Lok System Scour Pads - Pk 10

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Hygiene Scour Pads - 115 x 250mm - Pk 10 

* Use with the Pad-Lok Systems - Hex-LokEuro-Thread, or Hand Held 

* How to choose your pad type: 
Soft (White) - use for sensitive surfaces - will remove soft and loose product from surfaces 
Med-Soft (Blue) - a little more aggressive, but still soft enough to not mark stainless surfaces Medium (Red) - our most popular general purpose pad 
Med-Hard (Green) - more like the stiffness of the traditional green scour sponge - will remove semi-firm and tough build-up 
Hard (Brown) - will remove baked on residue, will scratch sensitive surfaces 
X Hard (Black) - extremely aggressive, very abrasive - will remove the toughest build-up

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