Stock up in November
and be rewarded by


The end of 2023 is fast approaching...
And running out of production consumables isn't an option over this busy period. 

Shipping delays are always expected around Christmas, so we make it our priority to ensure you have the products you require for the Christmas/New Year holiday season. 
This will give you peace of mind that your production can continue as usual without the stress of low production critical stock levels.

All orders placed in November 2023 accumulate towards the tier levels, and your choice of prize from the tier you reach will be shipped to you in December!


Here's what to do:

  • Opt in! - Let our team know you are keen to participate.
  • Place your orders with Foodcare - we'll keep you updated on your spend amount.
  • Let us know which tier your aiming for.
  • Tell us what prize you would like.

Does your desk or office need an upgrade? Needing an air fryer to heat a quick meal? Or maybe you would like a gift card? 
These fantastic prizes are sure to suit you and your colleagues! 

Make sure you have opted in by contacting us. 
The team are keen to hear what you're aiming for, and assist you in reaching you're preferred prize!  |    1800 211 290            

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