Foodcare Colouring Competition 5

Please see below for the 5th edition of the Foodcare Colouring Competition.


We would like to share a  short story that makes this edition particularly special:

The designer of our beautiful children colouring pages, Svetlana, is Ukrainian. She is currently living under strained conditions imposed upon her country by the Russian invasion. Svetlana has been forced away from her home, and is now living in a safer region within her country. She is bravely supporting her country by continuing to design. Creating happy and beautiful images for children to colour helps her stay strong and calm. Svetlana also very generously donates half of her earnings to those that have lost their homes, and to animal shelters.

Help us support Svetlana! For every entry you and your children submit, we will donate an extra AU$10 to Svetlana.

Additionally to the above, Foodcare has also donated AU$27,500 towards RRT Operation 322, which goes directly to the support and care of the Ukrainian people.

You can learn more about the operation here.

We hope and pray that peace may be restored to Ukraine soon, and Svetlana and the 2 million evacuated children may have a safe future.


Download the colouring competition PDF here

Did you know?

Easter bunnies are typically made using a two-piece mould.

Melted chocalate is poured into one half of the mould, then the mould is closed.

It is then placed in a machine called a centrifuge which rotates the moulds in multiple directions to spread the melted chocolate evenly over the entire surface.

Once the chocolate has set, they are removed from the moulds. The bunnies are typically wrapped in thin aluminium foil, and may have extra decorations added before they are sent off to stores.

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