Implementing 5S in my food production facility

Implementing a 5S system in your food processing facility may seem like a daunting task.

While there a many factors to be considered, and decisions to be made, making a start doesn’t need to be difficult.


Below is a simple checklist you can use to begin the process of implementing a 5S storage solution for your cleaning equipment.

It will give you an idea of what stage you are at, and what decisions will need to be made before beginning implementation.


Do you currently have a colour code plan for your site (by area/allergen/process)?
Yes       No        Comments:

Do you have a documented colour code plan that segregates different areas, products, or allergens? It is important to have this confirmed before going much further so that there aren’t changes later on to the colours you are using in each area.


Do you have a list of tool stations that you will require?
Yes       No        Comments:

The next step is to create a list of locations that will require a cleaning equipment station. Key considerations here include how far operators will need to walk to retrieve and replace cleaning equipment. If stations are too far apart, this can impact compliance with storing equipment in the correct place.


Do you have a list of tools that you require at each station?
Yes       No        Comments:

You then need to determine what equipment will be required at each of these locations. This may include looking at what cleaning tools are currently being used, and what improvements could be made to the current cleaning processes.


Are you decided on what system you require?
Shadowboards                Identi-rail          Identi-store stainless      I’m open to options

Different aspects to consider in choosing a storage system include:

Flexibility: are the cleaning tool needs likely to change? Do you need a system that is easy to adjust?
5S culture – do you require full shadowboards to create the right culture and encourage compliance?
Safety – are there narrow walkways that require inward facing hooks?
Cost – what is your budget for the program?
Durability – do you need a product that can withstand harsh chemicals or potential misuse?

Do you have a budget set for this project?
Yes       No        Comments:

Do you have a budget for implementing these changes? Before investing too much time and effort you need to ensure you can complete the project with the budget you have available.